Training & Education

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  • Ability First L.L. Frank Work Center
    AbilityFirst provides programs and services to help children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities reach their full potential throughout their lives. We offer a broad range of employment, recreational and socialization programs and operate 12 accessible residential housing complexes.

  • Ada S McKinley Vocational Services
    In fulfilling its mission, the Agency continues expansion of service to thousands annually through child care, education/college preparation and placement, mental health, foster care and adoption, vocational training/job development and placement, residential living arrangements, and other services by serving the community through an increasingly effective network of social services.

  • Adelante Development Center
    Adelante offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs and goals of people with disabilties.We offer vocational and life skills training, community living services, vocational training, supported employment, and we also provide a large variety of day services.

  • Anixter Center
    The mission of Anixter Center is to enhance the ability of individuals living with or at risk of disabilities to live, learn, work, and play in the community. Having merged with three nonprofits (CALOR, Chicago Hearing Society, and the National Lekotek Center), Anixter Center is now the 13th largest nonprofit in Chicago. Provider of quality vocational, residential and educational options, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and health care.

  • ARC Fresno
    Arc Fresno, is committed to enriching the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities by providing and developing an array of opportunities designed to maximize their potential as members of the community.

  • Arc of Meriden- Wallingford, Inc.
    Welcome to the Arc of Meriden-Wallingford where we provide advocacy, residential, recreational, community and employment services to adults with intellectual, developmental and cognitive disabilities. Our site includes a complete overview of our services as well as many of the programs that generate funds for our organization.

  • Arizona Industries for the Blind
    Arizona Industries for the Blind was established in 1952 to provide employment and training opportunities for Arizonans who are legally blind. Most individuals of working age who are legally blind can compete successfully for good jobs if they’re given the opportunity to develop skills and increase their self-confidence.

  • Bi-County Services
    Bi-County Services provides a variety of activities and programs designed to assist persons with disabilities to increase skills needed to communicate more effectively and to use their environment to its fullest potential. Services provided to each person are based on individual need and are designed to increase skills toward independence.

  • California Elwyn
    Preparing adults with disabilities for employment is the hallmark of services at Elwyn Inc.’s West Coast satellite, Elwyn California. Clients can choose from a menu of employment services that extend from identifying their employment interests to providing on-the-job supervision.

  • Central Connecticut Association for Retarted Citizens Inc.
    CCARC, Inc. offers services for individuals with mental retardation and a spectrum of other disabilities, including blindness, hearing impairment, aphasia and autism.As a private, not-for-profit agency, CCARC, Inc. has a unique mission – to make dreams happen for persons with developmental disabilities. Through residential and supported living arrangements, employment, vocational training, recreation, clinical servies, advocacy and intervention CCARC, Inc. (Central Connecticut Association for Retarded Citizens) has improved the lives of countless indiviuals and their families, and enhanced the community’s understanding about individuals with mental retardation.

  • Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind
    Chicago Lighthouse Industries’ Mission is to provide adjustment to blindness, training, job placement opportunities and continuous employment for visually impaired individuals including those with additional disabilities that will lead to achieving their maximum potential through the development, production and marketing of products and services that meet the highest quality standards using modern production methods and technology.

  • Clausen House
    We create opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to gain competency, develop relationships and join the community with increasing command over their own lives. We are a non-profit corporation serving more than 180 adults from the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Community Enterprises
    Provides supported education services in a community college setting, supported employment including job training, placement and folow up, transitional services from group homes and other settings to supported living within the community.

  • Conklin Center for the Blind
    The mission of the Florida Lions Conklin Center is to train, assist, and support individuals that are blind and have one or more other disabilities to obtain gainful employment, live independently, participate in community life and have the freedom to make their own choices with dignity. Our students may have been born blind or suffered an injury or illness that caused the loss of sight. they are also challenged by another physical or cognitive or developmental disability such as deafness, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities or borderline mental retardation, to name a few.

  • Connect to Community

    Mission: Connect to Community is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding and facilitating purposeful employment and enjoyment for adults with developmental disabilities. Further, in an effort to help these adults live the lives they desire and deserve within the community, we will provide person-centered services across all aspects of community life.

  • Corner Stone Services Inc.
    From 24-hour supervision to Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangements, Cornerstone encourages choice and independence in its residential alternative services.Cornerstone’s employment services program works with individuals to find and retain jobs in their own communities. Field trips combined with classroom training help individuals develop the skills necessary to lead an active life in the community. Cornerstone’s nationally-recognized behavioral health services provide many options for individuals with mental health issues, including outpatient counseling, psychosocial rehabilitation, and community housing.

  • Courage Center
    We offer a wide range of services that improve independence and quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. Services include rehabilitation therapies, inpatient transitional rehabilitation, pain management, accessible fitness centers and pools, vocational and community-based services, behavioral/mental health therapies, family support, camping, and sports and recreation programs.

  • Creative Community Living Services, Inc.
    Creative Community Living Services provides community-based, non-institutional living supports for adults with intellectual/developmental/physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury as well as mental health needs. Services include adult family homes, in-home and community supports to build your community life.

  • Dancing Wheels Company & School
    Our company’s lifelong mission to educate, advocate and entertain through compelling, innovative dance was born of the goals that each of our team members shares a heartfelt commitment to: Enhance integration and diversity in the arts with works uniting people of all abilities. Provide successful, independent and creative role models for those with disabilities. Erase negative stereotypes about people with disabilities in professional careers, primarily in the arts. Instill greater understanding and professionalism in individuals of all ability levels.

  • Department of Human Services- Office of Developmental Disabilities
    Our Mission To assist our IL customers to achieve maximum self-sufficiency, independence and health through the provision of seamless, integrated services for individuals, families and communities.

  • Desert Area Resources & Training
    Our mission is to provide services and opportunities to people who have developmental disabilities or other special needs, so they and their families can pursue the dreams and lifestyles they choose.

  • Do-It-Leisure: Work Training Center
    Serving Butte County since 1949, Work Training Center is a non-profit organization. Governed by a local Board of Directors, we are dedicated to meeting the training, vocational, and recreational needs of local adults with disabilities. Work Training Center serves over 600 people. Facilities are located in Chico, Oroville, and Paradise, with services provided throughout Butte County.

  • Elwyn Delaware
    Elwyn is a unique organization. Founded in 1852, Elwyn has been providing services to people with special needs for over 150 years. Today, Elwyn is nationally recognized as a pioneer in developing groundbreaking programs for children and adults with disabilities and disadvantages. Our innovative culture and dedicated staff enable us to help more than 12,000 people build more independent, productive lives.

  • Envision Unlimited
    For over 50 years, Envision Unlimited has served people with disabilities across all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Today, our wide array of home and community-based programs benefit over 1,500 individuals across the state of Illinois. Envision provides day programs, community living services, employment services, a foster care program, and mental health services.

  • Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    An employment resource for businesses and people with disabilities. Our mission is to enable individuals with disabilities to obtain and keep employment.

  • Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc.
    The Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc. (FINR) is dedicated to excellence in the provision of rehabilitation, education and vocational services to both children and adult survivors of brain injury. Through the provision of individualized assessment, restorative service and foundational retraining in behavior, psych-social, cognitive, physical functioning, communication, daily living, education and vocational area, FINR seeks to assist its clients in attaining their maximum level of functioning and quality of life in the most normalized and least restrictive environment.

  • Florida Institute of Rehabilitation Education (FIRE)
    FIRE is a nonprofit agency dedicated to assisting people who are visually impaired or blind to achieve a maximum level of independence in their lives. Free services are provided on an outreach (one on one) or group basis and are provided without charge, without regard to individual or family income level, race, creed, age, disability or national origin.

  • Foothill Vocational Opportunities
    Foothill Vocational Opportunities maximizes the personal and economic potential of disabled individuals by creating meaningful employment opportunities. Foothill provides our clients and their families with the tools they need to live fuller, richer lives, bringing a sense of inclusion and dignity to a chronically marginalized and underserved group of people.

  • Gateway Center of Monterey County
    OUR MISSION is To be a caring and stimulating environment for the Developmentally Disabled where all people can achieve their individual goals safely and with dignity

  • Georgia- Annandale Village
    Offering reidential, day program, skilled nursing services for adults with developmental disabilities.

  • Goodwill Industries of New Mexico
    Goodwill Industries of New Mexico has many programs to help people get jobs, get training, and get back on the road to self-sufficiency. Each program is customized to emphasize your strengths while providing assistance to overcome barriers. You may participate in one or more based on your individual needs, abilities and choice. Services we provide include: Job Placement & Job Retention, Workforce Skills Training, Situational Assessment, Work Adjustment, Case Management, Senior Community Service Employment Program, and Pathways to Home.

  • Helping Hands Rehabilitation Center
    The Mission of Helping Hands Rehabilitation Center is to assist persons with disabilities to achieve their highest level of independence through quality programs and services.

  • Home of the Guiding Hands
    Home of Guiding Hands provides services to more than 380 individuals with developmental disabilities in San Diego’s East County, California. We serve individuals and their families in several different residential settings and provide various services in accordance with the needs of each individual.

  • Hope Center
    Hope Center is a community-based agency dedicated to meeting the needs of gifted children, individuals with developmental disabilities and developmental delays at-risk, and persons in need of specialized vocational or educational services. These services are provided in order to develop, maintain, and enhance the functioning of each enrollee. The philosophy of service is to admit individuals to programs within our agency which meet their needs and requirements as specifically as possible.

  • Idaho Commission For The Blind And Visually Impaired
    Our mission is to empower persons who are blind or visually impaired by providing vocational rehabilitation training, skills training and educational opportunities to achieve self-fulfillment through quality employment and independent living; to serve as a resource to families and employers and to expand public awareness regarding the potential of all persons who are blind or visually impaired.

  • Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    VR is a state-federal program whose goal is to assist people with disabilities to prepare, secure, retain or regain employment. Our Vision: “Your Success at work means our work is a success.” Our Mission: “Preparing individuals with disabilities for employment and community enrichment.”

  • Independent Living Experience
    Independent Living Experience (ILE) is a customized support service for adults desiring a life of independence. Our team of dedicated professionals works directly with each adult to help them become their own self-determined advocate with the necessary skills to be successful within their living, working, and social environments.

  • JJ’s List
    JJ’s List is an integrated, non-profit social enterprise that combines social media and education to build disability awareness and promote community inclusion and employment of people with disabilities. connects thousands of companies and organizations to consumers and employees with disabilities through the Disability-Aware Business Directory, the blogosphere, and Disability Awareness Trainings.

  • Job Opportunities for the Blind
    National Federation of the Blind is the largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the United States. The NFB improves blind people’s lives through advocacy, education, research, technology, and programs encouraging independence and self-confidence.

  • Job Resources and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

    This Guide was just published by the Ohio University. It  is a detailed job resource guide for Ohioans. It  outlines:

    • Vocational rehabilitation for Ohioans
    • Job opportunities for Ohioans with disabilities
    • How to apply for a job
    • Employment FAQs
    • Community resource list of job centers for the disabled

  • Kentucky- Stewart Home School
    We are a beautiful loving environment for intellectually disabled people of all ages. We offer education, vocational training and placement, an incredible variety of recreational activities and a wide choice of friends from all across the country and the world.

  • Keshet
    Founded in 1982, Keshet provides educational, recreational and vocational programs for children and young adults with special needs.

  • Kreider Services
    Offers day programs, vocational training programs, job placement, supported employment, respite care, residential and family support for ages birth to three.

  • Lanakila Rehabilitation Center
    Lanakila is a major non-profit organization that has been serving the communities of Hawaii for more than 60 years. Our present day mission is to offer programs and services to adults with cognitive, physical, social, or age-related challenges that build and support higher levels of independence and an improved quality of life. We achieve this through the following programs: Adult Day Services, Workforce Development, and Meals on Wheels.

  • Laradon Hall Society for Exceptional Children and Adults
    Laradon specializes in services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. We operate 11 programs which are designed to help each individual develop to his or her fullest potential. Laradon is more than an organization, we are a support network made up of people who care – and are committed to helping people with developmental disabilities maximize their independence in a dynamic world.

  • Lions World Services for the Blind
    Our Mission: “To enable people who are blind or visually impaired to function independently and to live full, productive lives with dignity and self-respect, and to promote a positive public awareness of blindness.”

  • Little Friends
    Little Friends, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization serving children and adults with developmental, emotional or behavioral disabilities. Based in Naperville, Illinois, Little Friends operates 14 programs including early intervention, alternative schools, family support, vocational training, and community-based residential services.

  • MacDonald Training Center
    Independence is something that is important to us all. Our GateWay Services are designed to assist you in preparing to achieve greater independence so you may lead the life you choose. If you want to make decisions for yourself, be independent, and lead the life you choose…a home of your own and a meaningful job are important to you.

  • Maryland- The Benedictine School
    For more than 40 years, Benedictine Programs and Services have been recognized as a national leader in educating people with developmental disabilities and providing them with residential and vocational services.A wide variety of services are available, including screen-printing, embroidery, floral shop and greenhouse, duplicating and color copying, and fulfillment and light packaging services.

  • MGB Services, Inc.
    MGB Services Inc. (MGB) is dedicated to helping families of children with special needs find enthusiastic, reliable people to work with children. MGB also offers families and special recreation/leisure organizations assistance in the areas of academic, social, and behavior concerns. Home based programs are beneficial to the education and successful functioning of many children.

  • Miami Lighthouse for the Blind
    Miami Lighthouse has an experienced management team. Its CEO and other senior management have demonstrated outstanding professional acumen in their respective fields. This team is dedicated to offering the most effective state-of-the-art techniques and care to persons who are blind or severely visually impaired, as well as its new initiative in eye wellness.

  • New Hope Services
    Some of New Hopes Specific services and programs include adult servicves, affordable housing, Child Advocacy and parental support, childcare, employment services, family preservation, health families, job traing centers, and supported living.

  • New Jersey- Jerry Davis Early Childhood Center
    Our mission is to ensure every child’s optimal growth and development. The Jerry Davis Early Childhood Center’s comprehensive, interdisciplinary programs are designed to meet the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs of children who have a diverse range of abilities.

  • Northpointe Resources Inc.
    Northpointe Resources, Inc. is a not-for-profit, publicly-funded provider of developmental disability and behavioral health services. Founded in 1953 by a group of concerned parents with a desire for quality programming, Northpointe has continued to grow this vision through our belief in the power of people and community.

  • Old Adobe Developmental Services
    It is the mission of Old Adobe Developmental Services, Inc., to provide opportunities for individuals with developmental challenges to reach their fullest potentials.

  • Palm Beach Habilitation Center
    Opportunities for work training and employment are a major focus of services at the Center. Training and employment are provided by the Work Operations Division on the main campus where men and women can earn pay for work performed on contracts obtained from local industry.

  • Parents & Friends
    Parents & Friends, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has served people with developmental disabilities for over fifty years. Governed by a local Board of Directors, we are dedicated to our mission to provide opportunities for persons with developmental challenges and similar needs to participate fully in our community.

  • Paul Simon Chicago Jobs Corps
    Life at a Job Corps center can be an exciting and educational experience. A Job Corps center is a great place to complete an education, learn a marketable trade, make lifetime friends and graduate with a good job in hand

  • People Services
    The mission of People Services, Inc., is to serve as the local community agency, providing the delivery of quality services for people with disabilities. Our purpose it to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing services that promote life exploration and informed choices. To offer an array of service options that are designed to meet the needs, wants and desires of the person served.

  • Pine Caslte
    Pine Castle began as a school in 1952 to provide special education to children with developmental disabilities. We were founded by concerned parents who wanted their children to have the best possible education and opportunities in life. Today, we provide services to over 300 adults with developmental disabilities each year. We are one of the largest employers of people with disabilities in the Jacksonville area, and we are a nationally accredited organization.

  • PRIDE Industries
    For more than 42 years, PRIDE Industries has been providing business and service solutions differently. HOW? By fulfilling our clients’ business needs with unsurpassed purpose and passion while creating meaningful jobs for people with disabilities.

  • Primrose Supported Employment Programs
    Our mission is to transform the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.

  • Pueblo Diversified Industries
    Every day at Pueblo Diversified Industries (PDI) more than 300 people come to work in a wide variety of jobs. Most are challenged by some form of physical or mental limitation that must be overcome each day. At PDI we help our people leave limitations at the door by providing challenges, opportunities, income, enrichment and even excitement through work and life-enhancing opportunities both in-house and within the community.

  • Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California
    RIO attains its goal of improving the quality of life of disabled persons by providing comprehensive, coordinated programs which increase the ability of disabled individuals to function at home and school, on the job, and in the community.

  • Respite Services, Shepherds Ministries Inc.
    Shepherds exists to glorify Jesus Christ by supporting people with developmental disabilities to reach their potential. It is our desire to be a pre-eminent provider of Christ-centered services for people with developmental disabilities in order to encourage them in a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and support them in reaching Appropriate Independence. Shepherds Ministries, a nationally recognized organization founded on Jeremiah 23:4, provides compassionate Christian care, vocational education and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, helping them attain Appropriate Independence with fulfilling jobs and lives, while also providing for their spiritual development.

  • Rubicon Programs
    Rubicon Programs is a nationally recognized nonprofit serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to create and deliver integrated solutions to profound social problems. Our purpose is to make a positive and lasting impact on people living in poverty and on people living with disabilities, especially psychiatric disabilities. We empower people to move out of poverty and improve their quality of life.

  • Seagull Industries for the Disabled
    Seagull gives hope through advocacy and a variety of educational, social, vocational and residential programs. These programs are designed to encourage self-reliance, achievement and economic independence.

  • Seguin Services Inc.
    Seguin Services is a charitable not-for-profit agency serving metropolitan Chicago, always striving to integrate, enrich, and empower people with disabilities. Seguin lives its mission of “supporting adults and children with disabilities and other special needs, enabling them to be productive, valued members of society.” Seguin creates job opportunities and housing options that lead to greater independence, so that men and women with developmental disabilities can live, work, and socialize as their neighbors do. In addition, Seguin provides safe and loving homes for children who have disabilities and serious medical or emotional conditions.

  • Sertoma Centre
    Sertoma Centre, Inc., is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit agency that provides services to more than 650 individuals with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities, and/or mental illness. These services include vocational evaluation, developmental training, community-based assessments, senior programming, work adjustment training, residential services, janitorial skill training, foster care, job placement services, supported employment, specialized services, school transition services, psychosocial rehabilitation,autism services, and a sheltered workshop program.

  • Shepherds Ministries Inc.
    Shepherds Ministries, a nationally recognized organization founded on Jeremiah 23:4, provides compassionate Christian care, vocational education and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, helping them attain Appropriate Independence with fulfilling jobs and lives, while also providing for their spiritual development

  • SHORE Community Services Inc.
    SHORE’s mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities through educational, residential, vocational and related programs provided with community integrated supports and services.

  • SL Start and Associates
    StartLiving® is an array of personalized services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.StartCommunities are distinctive senior living communities developed and managed by SL Start to offer secure long-term housing and services. StartWorks removes barriers for people who want to work.StartDirections™ is a specialized training program designed to build on the talents of each employee.

  • Society for The Blind
    Society for the Blind serves thousands of blind and visually impaired people throughout the Sacramento area and surrounding counties. We are the only center in this region that trains blind and low vision people on Braille, life skills, computers and job skills. Our mission is to empower individuals who are blind or have low vision to live productively and independently by building confidence through training, tools and mentorship.

  • Solutions at Santa Barbara
    Solutions at Santa Barbara is dedicated to help each client to achieve the highest level of functional independence possible. Our goals always involve returning to home, school, work and meaningful, productive activity. We encourage each client to develop original “solutions” to the problems they now face. Designed for individuals who are capable of benefitting from an active, “hands on” rehabilitative approach, Solutions at Santa Barbara offers highly personalized, comprehensive programs to meet the needs of individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumors, aneurysm, post concussive syndrome, Spinal Cord Injury, or other neurological disorders.

  • Southwest Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    SWVRS provides Vocational Evaluations, Independent Living Skills Assessment, Job Seeker workshops, Job Analysis, Life Care Planning, Transferable Skills Analysis, Economic Loss Assessment, Case Management, and Vocational Coaching.

  • Southwestern Blind Rehabilitation Center
    The mission of Blind Rehabilitation Service is to coordinate a healthcare service delivery system that provides a continuum of care for blinded veterans extending from their home environment to the local VA facility and to the appropriate rehabilitation setting. These services include adjustment to blindness counseling, patient and family education, benefits analysis, comprehensive residential inpatient training, outpatient rehabilitation services, the provision of assistive technology, and research.

  • The Arc of Monmouth
    The Arc of Monmouth is a non-profit organization in Monmouth County, New Jersey providing services and supports for individuals who have cognitive and developmental disabilities and for their families. The Arc of Monmouth is guided by a volunteer board of directors, and is affiliated with The Arc of New Jersey and The Arc of the United States.

  • The Arc of San Diego
    The Arc of San Diego, a private, not-for-profit corporation, is one of the region’s largest human-service agencies. Founded in 1951 by a determined group of people who felt they had to “do something” for children with mental retardation, Arc blends a long history of service with a national reputation for success. Today, we are guided by the same sense of purpose and dedication that inspired those parents over forty years ago.

  • The Center for Discovery
    The Center is a private, not for profit Pediatric and Adult center located in the Catskill Mountians. Our unique, totally accessible campus, small homelike residences and innovative educational programs provide a supportive environment where individuals thrive by developing relationships, learning and growing, as well as fostering new skills.

  • The Hatlen Center for the Blind
    The Hatlen Center for the Blind (originally the Living Skills Center for the Visually Impaired) was founded in 1972 by Dr. Philip Hatlen. In the 1970′s, thousands of children blinded by an epidemic of Retinopathy of Prematurity were graduating from high school. At the time, rehabilitation counselors, social workers, and others involved in services for adults who are blind had serious concerns about what was to become of these young people and how they could best be helped.

  • The Vanguard School
    The Vanguard School provides comprehensive special education services with a unique focus on the individual child and his or her readiness for life. The Vanguard School has been an innovator in offering an integrated academic, social and life skills approach within a supportive environment where the ultimate goal is to have each student become an independent, functional, and happy member of society. Vanguard’s innovative K-12 and post-secondary education is a hallmark of the school’s “Learning-for-Life” philosophy, and has resulted in measurable success for graduates. The Vanguard School is a nonprofit, state-licensed, academic day school that is one of 34 Pennsylvania Approved Private Schools for Special Education, selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

  • Ukiah Valley Association for Habilitation
    The primary purpose of UVAH is to help people with disabilities meet their full potential as individuals and productive citizens in our community by providing a wide range of services, a supportive environment and by educating and involving the community in an effort to integrate people with disabilities into community life.

  • United Cerebral Palsy Associations of New Jersey
    Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey is dedicated to changing lives and bringing independence to people with all types of disabilities. We believe in the innate potential in each person to achieve success. While you may see a person with a disability, Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey sees a citizen, a friend, a taxpayer, a voter, a lawyer, a parent, a child – a person with unlimited potential.

  • Utah Parent Center
    The mission of the Utah Parent Center (UPC or Center) is to help parents help their children with disabilities to live included, productive lives as members of the community. We accomplish our mission by providing accurate information, empathetic peer support, valuable training, and effective advocacy based on the concept of parents helping parents. Utah’s federally funded Parent Training and Information Center provides free parent consultations, workshops, presentations and webinars, as well as information and referral including a website to serve parents of children, youth, and young adults with all disabilities throughout the state of Utah. Check out the Annual Family Links Statewide Conference.

  • Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
    Provides exemplary model services and technical assistance, offers interdisciplinary training, conducts research, and disseminates information and resources related to developmental disabilities. Also a national Intelllectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center. The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service. We work with and for people with disabilities and family members, service providers and advocates, researchers and policy makers.

  • Villa Esperanza Services
    We’ve never counted exactly how many doors we have – but we do know how many people have passed through them. During the past year, more than 1050 children, adults, seniors and their families have taken advantage of the programs and services offered behind the many doors at Villa Esperanza Services.

  • Vocational Evaluation and Placement
    Vocamotive provides vocational evaluation, planning and placement services customized to individual needs. Evaluation is useful in IEP development, long term planning, and entry to the world of work.

    Services can include vocational assessment; employability evaluation; job target identification; developing internship, training, and customized employment; job seeking skills instruction; job coaching; referral and advocacy services.